Massachusetts Bill of Sale Forms

The Massachusetts bill of sale forms are written contracts that illustrates a purchase and sale agreement of an item between a buyer and seller for a all-terrain vehicle (ATV), motor vehicle, snowmobile, or vessel. Once the agreement has been written and signed by all parties it is considered legally binding.

This Massachusetts bill of sale is for any all-terrain vehicle (ATV), snowmobile, or bike that will be exchanging hands in the State. The form is to be kept by both parties and the buyer will need the form to register with the Energy and Environmental Affairs. Once the buyer and seller have input their information and signed the form it becomes legally binding. How to Register Take the following forms to an Energy and Environmental Affairs Registration Office: Pay sales tax…

The boat bill of sale is a legal form that handles the transfer of a vessel between a buyer and seller. At the parties’ option, may include a trailer or motor in the sale. There should be full disclosure of the details of the sale as any outside verbal agreement will not hold up in the court of law. How to Register Take the following forms to an Energy and Environmental Affairs Registration Office: Pay sales tax Online. You will…

The Massachusetts firearm bill of sale acts as a purchase and sale agreement for a gun that is to be sold in a private sale between two (2) parties. Under Massachusetts law, Chapter 140 Section 131, all individuals that possess firearms in the State must obtain an identification card. If the purchaser does not have an identification card it may be applied for by attending a safety class and applying through the applicant’s local police department. How to Write All…

The Massachusetts RMV bill of sale is generally used for the private sale of a vehicle between a buyer and seller. The new owner will need to keep a copy of this form when bringing the vehicle to a Registry of Motor Vehicles Location. The transaction should take place on the date of sale with all items exchanging hands including the vehicle and monetary funds. Once the form is signed the transaction becomes legally binding. How to Register Take the documents below to…

Vehicle Registration

Take the documents below to the nearest Registry of Motor Vehicles (RMV) Office:

Get Insurance. Once it is obtained the agent will grant an Application for Registration and Title (RMV-1)
Certificate of Title – Should be obtained from previous owner and signed over to the applicant. If no title provided then the new owner must apply for a duplicate.
Odometer Disclosure Statement – If the vehicle is under ten (10) years and below sixteen thousand pounds (16,000 lbs.).
Authorized Vehicle Bill of Sale
Identification – Driver’s License, Passport, etc.
Blank Check for Registration Fees.

Take the documents to the nearest Registry of Motor Vehicles (RMV) Office.

ATV/Boat/Snowmobile Registration

Take the following forms to an Energy and Environmental Affairs Registration Office:

Pay sales tax online. You will be issued the ST-6 or ST-6E upon successful payment.
Copy of Hull Identification Number
Blank Check for Registration Fees
Registration Application
Bill of Sale – Boat | ATV/Snowmobile
Optional – Inspection Request Form – If boat inspection required.

Firearm Registration

All purchasers of guns in Massachusetts must obtain a firearm identification card (See Application). An applicant must first attend an approved firearm safety class before returning the application to a local police department.

When a gun has been transferred it must be filed with the Transfer System