West Virginia Vehicle/Vessel/Trailer Bill of Sale | DMV-7-TR

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The West Virginia bill of sale is a legal document used for the purchase of a boat, trailer, or vehicle between a purchaser and seller.

Vehicle Registration

The following documents should be completed and presented to a Department of Transportation Regional Office:

Vessel Registration

The following forms should be used to register a vessel with a Regional Office.

  • Application for Certificate of Title (Form MB-6)
  • Blank Check for Fees

How to Write

The following details should be entered into the bill of sale (Form DMV-7-TR) to properly complete:

  • Seller’s Name
  • Seller’s Address
  • Sales Amount
  • New Purchaser’s Name
  • New Purchaser’s Address
  • Vehicle/Vessel Make and Model
  • Signature of Buyer and Seller including the Date and Driver’s License No.