Free Firearm (Gun) Bill of Sale Forms | PDF Templates

Download a firearm bill of sale that can be used to legally record and agree in writing to a purchase and sale of a gun legal in the respective State and local laws. Gun laws vary from State-to-State and local counties so it is imperative that the parties educate themselves and adhere to the rules and laws in their jurisdiction.

Download – Adobe PDF (fillable)Microsoft Word (.docx)

Firearm Bill of Sale Forms By State

How to Buy and Sell a Firearm

Step 1 – Before completing the document it is highly recommended to view the Gun Laws in Your State (Wikipedia). Scroll down to your State and see if private sales are allowed.

  • For Example – Private gun sales are prohibited in the State of California unless they have been sold through a licensed dealer.

Step 2 – After reviewing your State’s respective laws and realizing that the transaction is legal, you can begin the transaction.

Download the form in Adobe PDF (.pdf) or Microsoft Word (.doc) and begin to fill-in by entering the following:

  • Date – Enter the day, month, and year when the money shall transfer to the seller and the firearm will transfer possession to the buyer.
  • The Parties – Write the buyer and seller along with their mailing addresses;
  • Firearm Description – Serial Number, Caliber, Make, Model, and any other information that is pertinent to the transfer.
  • Purchase Price – Also include the type of payment and/or trade has been agreed upon.
  • Defects – If there are any repairs needed it should be listed.
  • Additional Terms and Conditions – If there are any other details of the agreement that have not been mentioned it should be listed in this area.
  • Signature – It is not required but is recommended to have some third (3rd) party, such as a witness or notary public, witness the authorization for legal purposes. In the case of large scale transactions, this is pertinent in an effort to reduce the claim of false forgery.
  • Disclosures – The Buyer and Seller should read and initial next to every line that verifies that the individuals taking part in the transaction are legal to do so and that, most importantly, the buyer is able to operate a firearm and has not been convicted of a felony.

After signature and initials have been made the bill of sale is legal and both parties should keep a copy for their personal records.

Gun / Firearm Bill of Sale – Adobe PDF, Microsoft Word (.docx)