New Mexico Firearm/Gun Bill of Sale

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The New Mexico firearm bill of sale can be used for documenting the transfer of ownership of a gun from one party to another. The seller of the gun should have any and all certificates in addition to the serial number being visible.

According to Article 2, Section 6 – Every resident has the right to bear arms. There is no registration required for transferring the ownership of a gun. Once the bill of sale is completed and signed the transfer becomes final.

How to Write

The form should be written either in Adobe PDF by inputting the highlighted fields or handwritten after printing as follows:

  • Date of Sale
  • Buyer’s Name and Mailing Address
  • Seller’s Name and Mailing Address
  • Gun Details
    • Make
    • Model
    • *Serial Number (S/N) – *Required
    • Caliber (if applicable)
  • Purchase Details
    • Amount ($)
    • Payment Type: Single | Downpayment w/Promissory Note
  • Condition
  • Signature Area
  • Witness(es) Area (if applicable)
  • Notary Acknowledgment (if applicable)
  • Buyer and Seller Firearm Disclosure