New Mexico Bill of Sale Forms

The New Mexico bill of sale is a legal document that works as a receipt and an agreement for the transfer of ownership of an item between one party to another. The bill of sale should take note of the following:

-The parties involved in the transaction including full name and the address of each individual/entity.

-The details of the item being transferred including any serial number, hull identification number (HIN), or vehicle identification number (VIN).

-The purchase price and the payment type: single, downpayment with promissory note, etc.

It is recommended that at the time of sale the seller shows their identification to ensure that the ownership is true and correct.

The New Mexico BMV bill of sale, also known as form MVD10009, is to be used when buying or selling a vehicle or vessel. If it is a vehicle being sold, the odometer disclosure statement (Form MVD10187) must be attached if it is under ten (10) years old and below sixteen-thousand pounds (16,000 lb.). According to 6-3-101(a), the seller must fill-in the Notice of Sale (Form 10048) and submit to the following address: Motor Vehicle Division Attn: Vehicle Services P.O….

The New Mexico firearm bill of sale can be used for documenting the transfer of ownership of a gun from one party to another. The seller of the gun should have any and all certificates in addition to the serial number being visible. According to Article 2, Section 6 – Every resident has the right to bear arms. There is no registration required for transferring the ownership of a gun. Once the bill of sale is completed and signed the transfer becomes…

The New Mexico livestock bill of sale is for any type of farm animal that is legal to be sold for a profit within the State. It is recommended that the animal to be sold has a unique number such as a brand, No. Head, or any marks or descriptions. After the form is signed, both parties will be legally bound to the contract. How to Write The form should be filled-in by inputting the following information: Buyer and Seller’s…

Vehicle Registration Forms – To be submitted at a Motor Vehicle Division (MVD) Location

Vehicle Bill of Sale (Form MVD1009) – Includes the Odometer Disclosure Statement (Form MVD10187)
Application for Vehicle Title & Registration (Form 10002)
Proof of Insurance
Proof of Residency – See Examples
Proper Identification – See Examples
Blank Check for Fees
*VIN Inspection – *Only if the vehicle was purchased in another State
*Affidavit of Gift of Motor Vehicle or Boat (Form 10018) – *Only if the vehicle or vessel was received as a gift

Boat Registration Forms – To be submitted at a Motor Vehicle Division (MVD) Location

Vessel Bill of Sale (Form MVD1009)
Application for Vessel Title and Registration (Form 10003)

Firearm Registration Forms

There is no law that requires an individual to register a gun after it has been purchased. Once the firearm bill of sale is complete and signed, possession of the firearm has been legally transferred. See Article 2 Section 6