Tennessee Firearm/Gun Bill of Sale

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The Tennessee firearm bill of sale document allows for the transfer of any type of gun to transpire between a willing buyer and seller. Under Tennessee law, Article 1 Section 26, a resident has the right to bear arms in protection for themselves without the requirement of registration. Once the bill of sale is signed and completed by both parties and entering the purchase information will the sale be considered final.

How to Write

The following details should be written into the agreement on the date of sale;

  • Buyer’s Information – Legal Name and Mailing Address
  • Seller’s Information – Legal Name and Mailing Address
  • Purchase Price – Including any type of payment deals or promissory note(s).
  • Gun Details – Should include the Serial Number (S/N)
  • Condition – Including any existing/known defects
  • *Additional Details (*if applicable)
  • Signature Area – It is recommended to elect having the form notarized.
  • Gun Disclosure Statement