Tennessee Bill of Sale Forms

The Tennessee bill of sale forms are provided, for vehicles and boats, on a county basis in order for a buyer and seller to exchange any type of automobile or vessel. The sale becomes final after both parties have signed and completed the document and the items agreed to be exchanged have traded hands.

The Bradley County bill of sale should be returned, after the sale of any type of automobile or vessel, to the Driver Services Center in order to register. After the bill of sale has been completed by both buyer and seller, the document is signed, and the parties make the trade will the transaction become final. Odometer Disclosure Statement – If the vehicle is under ten (10) years of age and below 16,000 pounds (lb.) this form is required. How…

The Cheatham County bill of sale may only be used to facilitate a sale between a buyer and seller for a motor vehicle. The buyer and seller will need to input their information onto the form and once a price has been agreed to sign the document to complete the private sale. The new owner will need to bring the bill of sale along with any required registration document to the County Clerk’s Office. *Odometer Disclosure Statement – *Only for…

The Cumberland County vehicle bill of sale document is meant for residents seeking to purchase an automobile that will be later registered at a Crossville Driver Services Center. The parties must enter their personal information and the sum before signing into a legally binding purchase and sale agreement. Once the document is signed (recommended to be notarized) the transaction should take place. Odometer Disclosure Statement – If the vehicle is under 10 years and below 16,000 pounds this form must be…

The Hamilton County, Tennessee bill of sale, also known as Form BK441, is a legal document that allows a resident to be able to convey the ownership to another party for any type of motor vehicle. Odometer Disclosure Statement – For any vehicle under 16,000 pounds and below 10 years of age. Power of Attorney – If the owner of a vehicle decides to sell using another person to handle the negotiation and the transfer of title. DMV Office Location…

The Montgomery County, Tennessee bill of sale may be used as a receipt for a transfer of a vehicle or boat from one party to another. The form should be completed online by filling-in the highlighted fields or handwritten after printing. After the details have been entered the bill of sale is required to be signed in the presence of a notary public. Odometer Disclosure Statement – Only to be used if the vehicle being sold is under 10 years…

Putnam County, Tennessee offers two (2) types of bill of sale forms, vehicle or vessel, that may be filled -in on the computer (Adobe PDF) or after printing. All bill of sale documents in the State are required to be signed in front of a notary public after coming to an agreement. For Vehicles under 10 years of age & 16,000 pounds (lb.) – Odometer Disclosure Statement Register at a Drivers License Services Center (Cookeville)

The Tennessee boat bill of sale is a document used to legally convey a vessel from a seller to a buyer for an agreed upon trade or purchase price. The form is to be completed by entering the parties’ information along with the details of the exchange. Once a verbal agreement has been struck, the bill of sale should be signed and possession of the vessel and funds should be traded. It is recommended for the buyer to Check the Boat’s…

The Tennessee firearm bill of sale document allows for the transfer of any type of gun to transpire between a willing buyer and seller. Under Tennessee law, Article 1 Section 26, a resident has the right to bear arms in protection for themselves without the requirement of registration. Once the bill of sale is signed and completed by both parties and entering the purchase information will the sale be considered final. How to Write The following details should be written…

The Tennessee motor vehicle bill of sale forms allow for a resident to conduct the transfer of any type of car to another person or entity in exchange for monetary funds. The bill of sale includes the Odometer Disclosure Statement which is required for any vehicles under ten (10) years of age and below 16,000 pounds (lb.). Register a Vehicle at a County Clerk’s Office How to Write The highlighted fields should be filled-in with the following information: Buyer’s Information…

Vehicle Registration – To be submitted at a County Clerk’s Office

Vehicle Bill of Sale – Includes the Odometer Disclosure Statement
Title for Vehicle – Signed from the previous owner to the new one. If no Title is present, a duplicate must be applied for using the Application.
Proper Identification – See Accepted Types
Blank Check for Fees
*Proof of Residency – *if applicable See Accepted Types
*Power of Attorney – *if applicable – To allow another person to sell the vehicle on the owner’s behalf.
*Gift Affidavit – *if applicable – If the vehicle was given from one party to another without a transfer of payment.

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Boat Registration – Return to a Wildlife Resources Agency Office

Boat Bill of Sale
Hull ID Number – This is required to be written on the Application for Certificate of Number, if an individual does not have one they may apply through the PDF Application.
Boat Registration Application – Must be obtained from a Wildlife Resources Agency Office
*Check Hull Number


The transfer of a firearm is complete after a bill of sale is signed between two (2) parties. According to State law (Article 1, Section 26), all residents have the right to arm themselves in order to prevent crime. However, there is a license needed in order to carry a concealed weapon (See Instructions).