Texas Gun/Firearm Bill of Sale

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The Texas firearm bill of sale is for use by a buyer and seller to come to an agreement over a private purchase for any type of gun. There are no State laws that prohibit ordinary residents from possessing a firearm (See Concealed Handgun Licensing) and once the bill of sale is signed the transaction is complete.

How to Write

The highlighted fields may be filled-in with the following information to complete the sale:

  • Full Legal Name of Purchaser
  • Signature (Disclosure Terms)
  • Description of Firearms Sold (Up to 3) including: Make, Model, Caliber, and Serial Number (S/N).
  • Buyer’s Name and Mailing Address
  • Seller’s Name and Mailing Address
  • Sale Date
  • Signature Area

For identity purposes it is best to verify each party’s identification through their Driver’s License Number.