Texas Bill of Sale Forms

The Texas bill of sale forms serve as a transfer document for the details of a purchase and sale agreement between a buyer and seller. The most common items that are sold are vehicles, boats, and firearms with the sale being complete upon the signature of the both parties.

The Harris County, Texas bill of sale, also referred to as Form MV-015, is a legal document that allows for the transfer of a motor vehicle to be conducted with the intentions of the new owner registering at a Harris County Tax Office. Odometer Disclosure Statement – To be filled-in for transactions involving vehicles with less than 10 years of age and below 16,000 pounds (lb.) See All Harris County Tax Forms Seller is required to submit the Vehicle Transfer Notification…

The Jefferson County, Texas vehicle bill of sale form should be written with the intention of the new owner registering with the County Clerk’s Office. In addition to the bill of sale, if the vehicle is under 10 years of age and below 16,000 pounds, the attached Odometer Disclosure Statement must be completed by both parties. After the transaction is complete, according to Statute 501-147, The Seller’s Notification (Form VTR-346) must be completed and sent to the State by the…

The Texas boat bill of sale is to be used to transfer ownership of a vessel from one party to another. The new owner will need the document in order to register with the Parks and Wildlife Office. After entering the details of the transaction the bill of sale should be authorized on the day the item(s) is/are traded for monetary funds. The seller will be required to fill-in the Vessel/Boat or Outboard Motor Ownership Transfer Notification (PWD 1340) State…

The Texas firearm bill of sale is for use by a buyer and seller to come to an agreement over a private purchase for any type of gun. There are no State laws that prohibit ordinary residents from possessing a firearm (See Concealed Handgun Licensing) and once the bill of sale is signed the transaction is complete. It is highly recommended that the document contain the Serial Number (S/N) of the gun. Article 1, Section 23 – Right to keep…

The DMV does not provide a bill of sale document but this form may be used to legally transfer the ownership of a vehicle from one (1) party to another. The full details of the parties should be entered into the document along with the purchase price and any other information that should be referenced. Once the form has been signed both parties will be bound to it’s terms. Before selling the vehicle, it is recommended to use the Standard Presumptive…

Vehicle Registration Forms – To be submitted at a Local County Tax Office.

Vehicle Bill of Saleincludes Odometer Disclosure Statement for vehicles under 10 years of age
Application for Title/Registration – Vehicles Inside Texas (Form 130-U) | Vehicles Outside Texas (Form VTR-272)
Blank check for Fees
Proof of Current Liability Insurance
Photo Identification – See Requirements
*Vehicle Power of Attorney (Form VTR-271) – *To be used when using another person to sell a vehicle on their behalf.
*Registration Manual – *Use as a reference if you have any questions about the process.

In accordance with State law (Statute 501-147), within thirty (30) days from the date of sale the Seller must submit the Transfer Vehicle Notification (Form VTR-346).

Boat Registration Forms – Bring to a Texas Parks and Wildlife Location

Boat Bill of SaleIncludes Boat Registration Application (Form PWD-143)
Vessel/Boat Records Maintenance (Form PWD-143M)
Outboard Motor Application (Form PWD-144)
Verification of Serial/Hull Number (Form PWD-504)
Outboard Motor Records Maintenance (Form PWD-144M)
*Request to Release Lien (Form PWD-403) – *If applicable

The seller will be required to submit the Boat Transfer Notification (Form PWD-1340) within thirty (30) days from the date of sale.


According to Article 1, Section 23 a resident of Texas is not required to register a gun or be required to obtain a license to own. A transfer of ownership may take place with the signing of a gun bill of sale.