Oklahoma Firearm/Gun Bill of Sale

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The Oklahoma firearm bill of sale is a form that can legally transfer ownership of any type of gun between two (2) residents. The terms of the agreement are to be agreed upon by the parties and once a verbal deal has been struck it should be entered into the bill of sale. The parties should meet in order to sign the form along with transferring the gun and the monetary funds with one another.

  • Both parties should keep a copy for their records and once the sale is complete there is no need to register with any government agency (According to Article II, Section 26).

How to Write

The bill of sale will act as the official contract that will be expected to have any and all details of the transaction entered. Upon review by both parties, the following information should be put forth:

  • Date of Sale
  • Buyer’s Information
  • Seller’s Information
  • Gun Details – Highly Recommended to write down the Serial Number (S/N) and to make sure it is clearly legible.
  • Purchase Price
  • Signature(s) – Only the Seller is required to authorize
  • Notary Public Acknowledgment
  • Firearm Disclosure