Oklahoma Bill of Sale Forms

The Oklahoma bill of sale documents allow for the purchase and sale of a vehicle, personal property, boat, or firearm between one (1) party to another.  The buyer and seller must fill-out the document with their credentials along with the terms of the agreement. After negotiating a verbal deal it should be entered and signed into the bill of sale to become legally binding. The document should be authorized on the date of sale while trading the item sold/purchased for the monetary funds.

The Oklahoma vessel bill of sale form is designated for a buyer and seller of a vessel to come to a verbal agreement and enter it into the form. The date of sale should be scheduled at the same time possession will change from the seller to buyer as well as the monetary funds.. The title should be obtained from the previous owner and signed over to the new party. The buyer will need the bill of sale in order…

The Oklahoma vehicle bill of sale from the Department of Public Safety (DPS) may be downloaded and filled-out in PDF Format or handwritten after printing in order to complete a transaction for any type of automobile. The form may be used when registering at a Tag Facility as proof of ownership. If new owner did not fill-in a bill of sale at the date of the transaction they may use the Declaration of Vehicle Purchase Price (Form 722-1) followed by the Affidavit…

The Oklahoma firearm bill of sale is a form that can legally transfer ownership of any type of gun between two (2) residents. The terms of the agreement are to be agreed upon by the parties and once a verbal deal has been struck it should be entered into the bill of sale. The parties should meet in order to sign the form along with transferring the gun and the monetary funds with one another. Both parties should keep a…

The Oklahoma personal property bill of sale is recommended for any item that is not covered by the State such as equipment, all-terrain vehicles (ATV), trailer, computer, pet, or any other tangible asset. The form should be completed by both parties while showing one another identification to prove their credentials. Once the form is signed or notarized (if applicable) the form is legally binding and the transfer of possession is required to take place. How to Write The buyer and seller…

Vehicle Registration Forms – To be turned in at a Tag Office.

Vehicle Bill of Sale – If a bill of sale was not completed at the time of transfer/sale the Declaration of Vehicle Purchase Price (Form 722-1)
Odometer Disclosure Statement (Form 729) – According to Federal Law this form must be attached to every bill of sale for vehicles that are under 10 years of age and below 16,000 lb.
Title Signed Over to New Owner – If the new owner did not receive title from the Seller, the Application for Duplicate Title (Form 701-7)
Application for Original Title (Form 701-6)
Proof of Insurance
Blank Check for Fees
*Transfer of Ownership of Vehicle Notice (Form 773) – *Optional to be filed by the seller in case the new owner does not register the vehicle.
*Affidavit of Vehicle Ownership (Form 753) – *if applicable

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Boat Registration Forms – Bring forms to a Tag Agent.

Boat Bill of Sale
Application for Motor/Boat Title (Form BM-26)
Serial Number Confirmation (Form BM-10)
Blank Check for Fees

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Firearm Registration – Gun Laws Article II > Section 26 – Bearing Arms – Carrying Weapons.

The State of Oklahoma has no laws that require a resident to obtain a license or to register a firearm. The transaction is complete upon the authorization of the bill of sale unless the buyer would like to carry the gun as a concealed weapon which they must apply online or through the PDF Application (See Instructions).