Oklahoma Boat Bill of Sale

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The Oklahoma vessel bill of sale form is designated for a buyer and seller of a vessel to come to a verbal agreement and enter it into the form. The date of sale should be scheduled at the same time possession will change from the seller to buyer as well as the monetary funds.. The title should be obtained from the previous owner and signed over to the new party. The buyer will need the bill of sale in order to prove ownership when registering with a local tag agent.

Registration Forms

How to Write

The following must be entered into the agreement for it to be accepted by the State for registration and ownership purposes:

  • Time of Sale
  • Buyer’s Full Legal Name and Mailing Address
  • Seller’s Full Legal Name and Mailing Address
  • Vessel Description
  • Hull Type/Material
  • Make
  • Model
  • Year
  • Hull Identification Number (HIN)
  • Purchase Price – With the option of a downpayment with a payment plan. Attach promissory note (if applicable)
  • Condition of the Vessel – Any damage or pending repairs
  • Odometer Reading – Available in Miles, Kilometers, Knots, and Hours
  • Signature and Notary Public Acknowledgment (if applicable)