Oklahoma Personal Property Bill of Sale

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The Oklahoma personal property bill of sale is recommended for any item that is not covered by the State such as equipment, all-terrain vehicles (ATV), trailer, computer, pet, or any other tangible asset. The form should be completed by both parties while showing one another identification to prove their credentials. Once the form is signed or notarized (if applicable) the form is legally binding and the transfer of possession is required to take place.

How to Write

The buyer and seller should provide the following information, to be filled in the highlighted blanks, and signed on the date of sale:

  • County (in Oklahoma)
  • Name of Seller
  • Seller’s Address/County of Residency
  • Purchase Price ($)
  • Buyer’s Name and Address
  • Description that clearly identifies and distinguishes the property
  • Seller’s Signature
  • Witness Signature (if applicable)
  • Notary Acknowledgment (if applicable)