Minnesota Firearm/Gun Bill of Sale

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The Minnesota firearm bill of sale allows the transfer of a firearm through a purchase that must be met with a buyer with a Firearm’s Permit. If an individual is seeking to purchase a gun and does not have a permit, they must fill-in the Application and turn it in to the Local Sheriff’s Office.

Minnesota Gun Laws – Statute 624.7131 – Transferee; Penalty

How to Buy/Sell a Gun in Minnesota

A sale may take place with a qualified buyer and a seller who possesses a gun that has a clear serial number on it’s side. Identification should be traded between the buyer and seller and  any ownership papers associated with the gun should be included in the sale.

Once the parties have agreed to a verbal purchase price, the following fields should be completed on the bill of sale document:

  • Date of Sale
  • Buyer’s Information
  • Seller’s Information
  • Gun Description – Must include the Serial Number (S/N)
  • Purchase Price/Payment Options
  • Condition of Firearm
  • Additional Details
  • Signature Area