Minnesota Bill of Sale Forms

Minnesota bill of sale forms let a buyer and seller write the details of a transaction for a vehicle, boat, or firearm in a written agreement. It is recommended to write the bill of sale including all details of the terms as any verbal or side arrangement is not legally binding. After both parties have traded the items being purchased and sold and all signatures are made on the form, the transaction is complete and the new owner is ready to register, if applicable, with the State.

The Minnesota boat bill of sale form is used to transfer the ownership of a motorized vessel including any motor(s) or trailer. In addition to the writing  the bill of sale which states the full details of the parties and transaction, the title should be forwarded to the new owner on the date of sale. This will allow the new owner to easily register the boat at a deputy at a motor vehicles office. Boat Registration Documents/Forms Registration/Title Application (LB014) Statement…

The Minnesota firearm bill of sale allows the transfer of a firearm through a purchase that must be met with a buyer with a Firearm’s Permit. If an individual is seeking to purchase a gun and does not have a permit, they must fill-in the Application and turn it in to the Local Sheriff’s Office. Minnesota Gun Laws – Statute 624.7131 – Transferee; Penalty How to Buy/Sell a Gun in Minnesota A sale may take place with a qualified buyer and a…

The Minnesota motor vehicle bill of sale is required to create a legal contract for the buying and selling of an automobile. Both parties’ full details must be included as well as all details specific to the vehicle being transacted. If monetary funds are being traded for the car, it must be brought to the signing of the bill of sale and all items should transfer on the date of sale. According to Statute 84.788 a vehicle may be transferred with…

Vehicle Registration

Bring the forms below to a Minnesota Drivers & Vehicles Location

Application for Registration/Title (Form PS2000)
Vehicle Bill of Sale
Title – with with Seller signing over to the new owner (handwritten). If the Seller lost their title, the Statement of Facts (PS2002) must be presented along with the Duplicate Title/Registration Application (PS2067A)
Proof of Insurance
Blank Check for Fees

*All private Sellers are required to submit a Report of Sale

Boat Registration

Bring the following forms to a Deputy Registrar of Motor Vehicles

Application for Registration/Title (Form LB014)
Title – From Seller and handwritten over to the New Owner. If there is no title it must be applied for by submitting the Statement of Facts and the Duplicate Title Application
Blank check for registration fees

Firearm Registration

According to Statute 624.7131 in order to purchase a gun the buyer must have a permit to purchase by filling-in the application and submitting to the local sheriff’s department in their area.