Colorado Gun/Firearm Bill of Sale

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The Colorado bill of sale form for firearms is to permit a person to authorize the sale of a gun, which can be any type, to another individual. According to the State Statutes, it is not required for a new gun owner to register or seek any type of permitting process.

The only requirement for firearms is that if any individual decides to conceal and carry they are required to Apply (See Guide) through the Sheriff’s Department.

How to Write

Once a verbal agreement has been made between buyer and seller it is time to begin filling in the form. This document will represent the legal transfer of the sale with following information to be filled by the parties:

  • Date
  • The Parties
    • Buyer’s Name(s) and Mailing Address(es)
    • Seller’s Name(s) and Mailing Address(es)
  • Firearm/Gun Description
    • Caliber
    • Model
    • Make
    • Serial Number (S/N) – Buyer should make sure this number is easily readable and has not been tampered
    • Any other information or extras that may be coming with the sale
  • Purchasing Information
  • Purchase Price ($)
  • Payment Options
    • Single
    • Partial with Balance due on a Future Date
    • Partial with Payments stated in a Promissory Note
  • Condition of the Gun/Firearm
  • Any other Details not previously stated