New Hampshire Firearm/Gun Bill of Sale

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The New Hampshire firearm bill of sale is designated for the transfer of ownership and possession of any type of gun. There is no state registration for new owners and once the bill of sale is signed and all funds have transferred is when the gun’s possession has legally transferred.

Concealed Weapon

A resident may obtain a license to carry a concealed weapon by following the State Instructions and using the application.

How to Write Bill of Sale

This form is a general document for a firearm. It should be reviewed by both parties before authorizing and identification should be presented at the time of sale by buyer and seller. The following fields should be entered:

  • Date of Sale
  • The Parties – Buyer and Seller Names and Addresses
  • Description of Gun – Must include Serial Number (S/N)
  • Amount and Payment Plan – if any
  • Condition of Gun
  • Additional Terms – if any
  • Signature Area
  • Disclosure Page