New Hampshire Bill of Sale Forms

New Hampshire bill of sale documents allow for the transfer of a boat, firearm, or motor vehicle to a new owner and to be used when registering (if applicable). The form is written by the buyer and seller filling-in their details along with those of the transaction. Once the document is signed by each party will the form become legally binding.

The New Hampshire boat bill of sale is required (See State Law) when registering with a DMV office or authorized agent location. The bill of sale illustrates the details of a transaction between a buyer and seller of a vessel for monetary funds. The form is required to have both parties’ full information including the purchase price and hull identification number (HIN). How to Write Fill-in the highlighted fields in PDF Format or after printing and handwriting: Bow Number (if…

The New Hampshire vehicle bill of sale is designated for all types of automobiles with a vehicle identification (VIN). The odometer disclosure statement (Form  is attached for any vehicle under 10 years of age and below 16,000 pounds. The form must be written in accordance with the State Law the following should be included to make the transfer legally binding: The Date of the Sale. Vehicle Description Make Model Color Vehicle identification number Model year Year of manufacture Type of body…

The New Hampshire firearm bill of sale is designated for the transfer of ownership and possession of any type of gun. There is no state registration for new owners and once the bill of sale is signed and all funds have transferred is when the gun’s possession has legally transferred. See State Gun Laws Concealed Weapon A resident may obtain a license to carry a concealed weapon by following the State Instructions and using the application. Applications Residents Non-Residents How to Write…

State Registration Page

Vehicle RegistrationRegister at a Local City/Town Clerk’s Office

*Optional – Immediately after the purchase the new owner may apply for temporary twenty (20) day plates for a $10 fee.

The applicant must conduct a safety test at a licensed inspection station within 10 days of registration.

Forms Needed

Vehicle Title – Signed over from the previous owner. Otherwise the Duplicate of Title (Form TDMV18) must be applied for.
*Odometer Disclosure (Form TDMV12) – *Only for vehicles under 10 years of age and below 16,000 lb.
*Power of Attorney (Title 5) – *Only to be used when the seller of a vehicle or the new owner would like someone else to handle vehicle title and registering decisions on their behalf. Must be notarized.
Residency Requirements – See State Requirements
VIN Verification Form (Form TDMV19a)

Further information may be found in the Title Handbook

Boat Registration – Register at a DMV Office or Authorized Location

Registration Application (Form DSMV 157A)
Verification of Vessel Information (Form RDMV 690)
Blank Check for Fees

Firearm Registration

There are no laws that require a person to apply for a gun after a purchase. Although the resident must apply for a concealed weapon if they wish to possess the gun at all times.