Nebraska Firearm/Gun Bill of Sale

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All firearms in Nebraska may be transferred from one party to another through a bill of sale form which makes note of all the details of the transaction. For the purchaser, according to Nebraska Gun Laws, he or she is not required to have any type of permit or register the gun with any local or State government agency.

How to Write

The form should be filled-in by entering the following into the highlighted fields within the PDF document or handwritten after printing:

  • Date of Sale
  • Purchaser’s Name and Address
  • Owner’s/Seller’s Name and Address
  • Firearm Description
  • Caliber
  • Make
  • Model
  • Serial/Number (S/N)
  • Purchase Price (In US Dollars)
  • Payment Option
  • Firearm Condition
  • Additional Details of the Transaction
  • Signature Area
  • Witness(es) (if applicable)
  • Notary Acknowledgment (if applicable)
  • Buyer and Seller Disclosure