Nebraska Bill of Sale Forms

The Nebraska bill of sale forms permit two (2) parties to come together and create an agreement of a vehicle or personal property in return for monetary payment. Both the payment and possession of the item should be on the same day of the bill of sale being authorized.

This bill of sale document is for vehicles that have been purchased or sold in Lancaster County. The form should be brought along with any other DMV Forms to the Office Location in Your Area. It is recommended that identification of both parties be presented to each other and that all items, including the vehicle and monies, should be transferred on the date of sale. Odometer Disclosure – Only for motor vehicles that are under sixteen-thousand pounds (16,000 lb.) and…

The Nebraska boat bill of sale is a type of purchase and sale agreement that states the buyer, seller, and the purchase price for a vessel to be transferred between one (1) party to another. The bill of sale must be used when registering the boat at a local county office along with the following forms: Identification Number Certificate (Form MV20) Application For Certificate of Title (Form MV1A)

The Nebraska DMV bill of sale is a form to be used when selling a vehicle to another person in return for trade or monetary funds. The seller of the vehicle will need to transfer the title and if the automobile is younger than ten (10) years old and below sixteen-thousand pounds (16,000 lb.) the odometer disclosure form must be completed. How to Register Vehicle Registration – Bring the following documents to a County Office Location: Vehicle Bill of Sale –…

All firearms in Nebraska may be transferred from one party to another through a bill of sale form which makes note of all the details of the transaction. For the purchaser, according to Nebraska Gun Laws, he or she is not required to have any type of permit or register the gun with any local or State government agency. How to Write The form should be filled-in by entering the following into the highlighted fields within the PDF document or…

The Nebraska livestock bill of sale is a legal form that states the transfer of a farm animal from one party to another in return for trade or monetary funds. The bill of sale should be signed on the date of the form and all transfers of possession and payment should also be completed on the same day. How to Write The following may be filled-in in Adobe PDF format or handwritten after printing: Seller’s Name Seller’s Address Date of Sale Buyer’s…

Laws – 60-140. Acquisition of vehicle; proof of ownership; effect.

Vehicle Registration – Bring the following documents to a county office location:

Vehicle Bill of Sale – Includes Odometer Disclosure Statement – For all vehicles younger than ten (10) years and under sixteen-thousand pounds (lb.)
Vehicle Inspection
Application for Certificate of Title
Proof of Insurance
Blank Check For Fees

Boat Registration See Guide

Firearm Registration – A purchaser must obtain a certificate by applying to the Sheriff’s office located in their county