Louisiana Firearm/Gun Bill of Sale

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The firearm bill of sale for Louisiana does not require the new owner to register with any body of government as per State law. All bill of sale forms must be authorized in front of a notary public in order to be valid in the State. The full details of the transaction should be stated in the bill of sale and possession of the firearm should take place by the new owner.

How to Write

The blank fields located on the form must be filled-in with the following details:

  • Date of Sale
  • Buyer’s Name and Address
  • Seller’s Name and Address
  • Firearm
    • Caliber
    • Make
    • Model
    • Serial Number (S/N)
    • Other Details
  • Purchase Price including Payment Type(s)
  • Condition
  • Additional Terms (if applicable)

Signature area must be met with a notary’s acknowledgement.