Louisiana Bill of Sale Forms

The Louisiana bill of sale templates allow two (2) parties, buyer and seller, to fill-in their personal information and the details of a sale to make a legally binding contract. In Louisiana, all bill of sale documents must be notarized when authorizing in order for the form to be legally binding. If a vehicle is being sold that is less than ten (10) years old and under sixteen thousand (16,000) pounds the Odometer Disclosure Form must be attached to the bill of sale.

The Louisiana vessel bill of sale is provided by the Department of Wildlife and Fisheries to assist private owners in selling their boat legally. The form, once filled in, must be signed in front of a notary public. The form should be kept by each party for documentation and the new owner will need to file the form when registering at a Regional Wildlife and Fisheries Office. How to Write In order to fill in the bill of sale properly,…

The Louisiana DMV bill of sale is to be used for any transaction involving a motor vehicle. The buyer will be required pay the funds in trade from a willing seller of a vehicle, and once all the details of the transaction are complete it is to be signed in front of a notary. The bill of sale is required to have the Odometer Disclosure Statement attached. The seller is required to submit notice to the DMV by filling in…

The firearm bill of sale for Louisiana does not require the new owner to register with any body of government as per State law. All bill of sale forms must be authorized in front of two witnesses and before a notary public. The full details of the transaction should be stated in the bill of sale and possession of the firearm should take place by the new owner. How to Write The blank fields located on the form must be…

Vehicle Registration Forms

Bring the documents below to your Parish DMV office.

Vehicle Application (Form 1799)
Odometer Statement (Form 1606)
Vehicle Bill of Sale (“of a movable”)
Title from seller signed over and notarized to the new owner
Proof of Insurance
Blank Check – See an estimation of registration fee(s)
Notice of Vehicle Transfer – After the vehicle has been sold, within 5 days, the Seller must complete either Online or through This Form to notify the State of the sale.

Boat/Vessel Registration Forms

Bring the forms below to your Regional Wildlife and Fisheries Office

Boat Bill of Sale
Title Application (Form MBT-56)
Boat Registration Application

Firearm Registration Forms

There is no registration requirement in the State of Louisiana. See Article 1. Section 11. Right to Bear Arms

If the new owner would like to file for a concealed weapons permit, they may do so by applying with the State Police.