Arkansas Motor Vehicle Commission Bill of Sale

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The Arkansas vehicle bill of sale allows two (2) people to engage in a negotiation and sign an agreement to transfer a motor vehicle for a purchase price. The form includes the odometer disclosure form which is required by federal law for all vehicles under sixteen thousand pounds (16,000 lb.) and under ten (10) years old.

The seller will need to send a notice of sale to the Department of Finance and Administration to the following address;

Department of Finance & Administration
Office of Motor Vehicle, P.O. Box 1272
Records Unit, Room 1100
Little Rock, AR 72203

How to Fill in the Vehicle Bill of Sale

The buyer and seller should make at least two (2) originals, one for each party, and fill-in with the following details;

  • Section 1 
    • Vehicle Identification Number (VIN)
  • Section 2 
    • Buyer’s Name
    • Buyer’s Address including City, State, and Zip
  • Section 3
    • Seller’s Information
    • If an Entity – Company’s Name, Address, City, State, and Zip
  • Section 4 
    • In an Individual – Dealer/Seller’s Name, Address, City, State, and Zip
  • Section 5
    • Purchase Date
  • Section 6
  • Description of Vehicle including
    • Make
    • Model
    • Year
    • Primary Color
    • Secondary Color
  • Section 7 
    • Odometer Disclosure
  • Section 8
    • Sales Price Information
  • Section 9 – Non-Fillable
    • Warning

How to Register a Vehicle

After the buyer has purchased the vehicle, they will have thirty (30) days to register while remaining able to operate the vehicle. The new owner will need to take the following forms to their local office;

Vehicle Bill of Sale (Form 10-313 – includes Odometer Disclosure)
Car Registration Form (Form 10-381)
Title – The Seller must assign the Buyer as the Owner of the vehicle.
Lien Agreement – *Only if vehicle is leased
Proof of Insurance
Affidavit of Inheritance –  *Only if the vehicle was inherited
Release of Lien/Permission to Replace Title – *Only if vehicle was gifted

The applicant may now bring all the documents including their identification to the Nearest Revenue Office