California Bill of Sale Forms

The California bill of sale form, also known as REG 135, is used to transfer the ownership of a vehicle or boat from one person or entity to another. If the owner of the vehicle or boat elects to have someone else sell it on their behalf they should assign the Agent with a Power of Attorney (REG 260). For firearms, all new owners must obtain a Handgun Safety Certificate before purchasing as per Article 1, Section 26500.

The California bill of sale provided by the California Housing and Community Development is provided for a purchase and sale one of the following; Manufactured Home/Mobile Home Commercial Modular Floating Home Trick Camper After filling in the Statement of Facts the Seller is required to sign and the transaction is complete.

The California bill of sale form, REG 135, allows a buyer to purchase a motorized vehicle or vessel in the State. All fields should be filled-in on the form and the Seller is the only party that is required to sign the document. Requirements by Seller Notice of Transfer and Release of Liability – The seller will be required to notify the State of the transaction through the Notice of Transfer and Release of Liability either through filing Online or…

The California firearm bill of sale form is a contract used to sell any type of gun between two (2) individuals or entities. Due to California having one of the strictest gun laws in the country, it is best to follow all State Codes to make sure the buyer is qualified to own a firearm. All individuals that are to own a firearm in California must obtain a Handgun Safety Certificate, this may be obtained by taking classes at one of…

Forms to bring to your local DMV office;

-If the vehicle was a gift such as from a family member the Statement of Facts (REG 256) must be completed

Application for Title or Registration (Form 343)

Title from previous owner assigned to the buyer

-Proof of Vehicle Insurance

Smog and Emissions Certificate (REG 139) – If vehicle is over four (4) years old.

For Commercial Vehicles (Form REG 4008) – Required if vehicle weighs more than 10,001 pounds (lb.)

For Trailers – Required for all trailer registrations

-Blank check for fee(s). Check to see what it will be with the Calculator.

Once a deal has been completed between the parties the notice of transfer and release of liability must be submitted to the California Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) either online or with the paper form (REG 138) and sent to; DEPARTMENT OF MOTOR VEHICLES, NOTICE OF TRANSFER AND RELEASE OF LIABILITY, P. O. BOX 942859, SACRAMENTO, CA 94259-0001

The new owner will have to register the vehicle at any California Department of Revenue location. Find Closest Office