Kentucky Boat Bill of Sale

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The Kentucky boat bill of sale allows the transfer of a vessel’s ownership in trade for monetary funds. All the details of the transaction should be listed in the bill of sale with no outside verbal arrangements as they will not hold up in the court of law if questioned. It is advised that all monies and items involved in the transaction be exchanged on the date of sale.

  • Upon signature time, it is best to authorize the bill of sale in front of a notary public.

How to Write

When filling-in the document, it is best to have the following information to write in the agreement for signature:

  • Buyer and Seller’s Information – On the date of sale, it is recommended to verify the identification of all the parties involved in the transaction
  • Vessel Description
  • Purchase Price – Along with any payment terms (if applicable)
  • Liens and Encumbrances
  • Vessel Condition
  • Odometer Reading – Typically in Hours
  • Additional Terms and Conditions
  • Signature Area