Kentucky Bill of Sale Forms

The Kentucky bill of sale documents allow for the exchange of monetary funds from a willing buyer to purchase a motor vehicle, firearm, or vessel from a seller. All State laws should be followed and a full disclosure of the transaction must be entered in the bill of sale. After both parties sign the form it becomes a legal and enforceable.

The Kentucky boat bill of sale allows the transfer of a vessel’s ownership in trade for monetary funds. All the details of the transaction should be listed in the bill of sale with no outside verbal arrangements as they will not hold up in the court of law if questioned. It is advised that all monies and items involved in the transaction be exchanged on the date of sale. Upon signature time, it is best to authorize the bill of sale…

The Kentucky Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) provides a bill of sale form for residents to transact vehicles with one another specifically for private or dealer sales. The form should provide information about all the parties involved in the transaction including the VIN number and sales price. If the vehicle has a lien on it, the new owner may request a Lien Affidavit How to Write The following details should be entered into the bill of sale: Buyer and Seller’s Information…

A private seller is allowed in the State of Kentucky to conduct a sale of a firearm without the obligation of having the buyer register the gun. It is recommended that both parties show identification at the time of sale and proper identification such as a driver’s license be shown for verification. Concealed Weapons in Kentucky – An applicant must file through the State Police How to Write The firearm bill of sale should contain the following information: Buyer’s and Seller’s…

Motor Vehicle Registration Forms

Bring the following forms to a county clerk’s office for submission:

DMV Bill of Sale
Odometer Disclosure (Form TC 96-5) – Adobe PDF | Microsoft Word
Application for Title/Registration (TC 96-182 ) – Fillable
Title from seller signed over to the new owner
Proof of Insurance
Title Lien Statement – (if applicable)

Motor Boat Registration Forms

Bring the following forms to a county clerk’s office for submission:

Motor Boat Bill of Sale
Registration/Title Application (TC 96-184) – Fillable
Proof of Insurance
Identification showing a Social Security Number

Firearm Registration Forms

According to Article 1, Section 1, Paragraph 7 a resident of Kentucky has the right to possess and bear arms without having to register their firearm with any government agency.