Michigan Bill of Sale Forms

The Michigan bill of sale forms allow for the transfer of ownership such as an: all-terrain vehicle (ATV), firearm, motor vehicle, vessel, and any other item that may be sold privately. The form is also referred to as a purchase and sale agreement that only requires the buyer and seller's information along with the purchase price to complete. Once the bill of sale is signed by both parties it becomes legally binding and buyer and seller will be held to it's terms and conditions.

If an owner of a boat, vehicle, or mobile home would like someone else to handle the sale on their behalf, the Power of Attorney (TR-128) must be completed and authorized.

The Michigan bill of sale, also known as Form TR-207, is a legal contract that binds a buyer and seller for the purchase of a trailer, boat, or snowmobile. The form is legally binding after signature by both parties and the weight has been confirmed by a weigh-master, unless the previous registration has it marked. How to Register Bring the following documents to an Instant Title Center. Boat/Snowmobile/Trailer Bill of Sale (TR-207) Boat Title Application (WR-11L) (For Boats Only) Snowmobile Registration (R-2L) (For Snowmobiles…

The Michigan gun bill of sale follows the State laws, known as MDL 28.422, that require all buyers of firearms in the State to obtain a ‘purchase permit’. An individual may apply by going to their local police department and have their background checked and pass a pistol safety exam. After successful completion the candidate will receive a ‘purchase permit’ which must be shown at the time of bill of sale and the seller is recommended to take a copy…

The Michigan motor vehicle bill of sale is a written document that details a transaction between a buyer and seller over the transfer of an automobile. The form will need to be used by the new owner in order to register the vehicle with the nearest Secretary of State location. Full disclosure of the transaction details should be entered into the bill of sale and once signed becomes a legally bound contract. Odometer Disclosure Statement (BDVR-108) – If the vehicle is…

The Michigan plant bill of sale is for two (2) parties to make an agreement for exchanging a plant (wild or farm grown) in return for monetary funds or trade. How to Write The following information is required to complete the bill of sale: Date Ck’d Place Ck’d Ck’d By Seller’s Name Seller’s Address Buyer’s Name and Address Description of Plant Sold Kind of Plant Number of Plants/Trees/Boughs Township Section Number Portion of Section Town-Line Number Range Number Country Date…

Vehicle Registration

Bring the following documents to a Michigan Secretary of State branch office:

Motor Vehicle Bill of Sale
Odometer Disclosure Statement (BDVR-108)
Registration and Title Application (RD-108)
Title Signed Over From Previous Owner – If there is no title available, the applicant may file the Title Application (TR-11L) or if the vehicle is over ten (10) years old the Owner Certification (TR-205)

Boat/Snowmobile Registration

Bring the following documents to an Instant Title Center.

Boat/Snowmobile/Trailer Bill of Sale (TR-207)
Boat Title Application (WR-11L)
Snowmobile Registration (R-2L)

Firearm Registration

According to MDL 28.422 every person purchasing a gun in Michigan must obtain a pistol purchase permit by appearing at the applicant’s local police department with their identification. The police department will conduct a safety pistol test and background check. If the individual passes the applicant will obtain the firearm permit.