Missouri Bill of Sale Forms

The Missouri bill of sale form is a legal contract mostly used for the private sale of a motor vehicle between a buyer and seller. The form should contain a full description of the item being transferred and both parties' details. The item(s) being sold and the monies used to purchase should be transferred on the date of sale.

The Missouri bill of sale, also referred to as ‘Form 1957’, permits a buyer and seller to exchange cash or check for a boat, motor vehicle, outboard motor, or trailer. Odometer Disclosure (Form 3019) – If the vehicle is under ten (10) years of age and below sixteen-thousand pounds (16,000 lb.) Notice of Sale (Form 5049) – If applicable How to Register State Page Bring the forms below to the DMV Office in Your Area (*Tip – Allow Location Settings) Certificate…

The Missouri firearm bill of sale documents the transfer of a gun from one party to another. The form should be written after a verbal agreement is struck. The bill of sale should contain all aspects of the purchase including any promissory notes. The transfer of the item and payment should occur on the date of sale. How to Write In accordance with Article 1 Section 23, the bill of sale does not need to be registered after the transfer…

The Missouri general bill of sale is a legal contract between a buyer and seller over the ownership of personal property. The document should be written to with the full details of the purchase and sale of the item that includes a notary acknowledgment at the time of signature. If there is a Serial Number (S/N) or any description that is unique to the specific item it should be detailed in the bill of sale. How to Write Fill-in the blank bill of…

State Law (Chapter 12) – All vehicles must be registered and titled including the State (4.225%) and County sales tax within thirty (30) days after the date of sale or face a $25 penalty that accumulates every month thereafter. Use Online Calculator.

Use the Notice of Sale (If Applicable)

Vehicle Registration State Page

Bring the forms below to the DMV Office in Your Area (*Tip – Allow Location Settings)

Certificate of Title (Example) signed over to the new owner from the previous.
Application for Title (Form 108)
Odometer Inspection – Find Inspection Station | Odometer Disclosure Statement (Form 3109)
Lien Release (Form 4809) – If applies
Blank Check – $11 for title and $2.50 processing fee
Vehicle Bill of Sale (Form 1957) – Includes Odometer Statement (Form 3019)

Boat/Trailer RegistrationInstructions

Application (Form 93)
Boat Bill of Sale (Form 1957)
See Fees


There is no registration needed in the State of Missouri according to Article 1 Section 23.