Montana Bill of Sale Forms

The Montana bill of sale forms allow for a transaction to occur between a buyer and a seller. The item may be for a motor vehicle, vessel, personal property, or a firearm. If a vehicle is being transferred, the Form MV-24 must be filled-in along with the odometer statement.

The firearm bill of sale for Montana is used to facilitate the ownership transfer of a gun in exchange for cash or check. On the date of sale, both the firearm and the monetary funds are to “trade hands” along with the signing of the bill of sale that legally binds both parties. There is no registration needed after the sale according to Article 2, Section 12

The Montana generic bill of sale form allows a person to write a binding contract for any type of personal property including: all-terrain vehicles, computer, cat, dog, equipment, tractor, trailer, etc. The form is recommended to be signed by both parties and in-front of a notary public. Versions Adobe PDF (.pdf) Microsoft Word (.doc) Rich Text Format (.rtf) How to Write The information provided should be entered into the blank fields on the printable PDF document: Date of Sale Seller’s Name…

The Montana MVD bill of sale is required for any motor vehicle or vessel located in the State. A bill of sale is a simple legal document that states the purchase price and the parties’ names. The items being traded or exchanged should be done on the date of sale. Odometer Disclosure Statement – For all vehicles under ten (10) years of age and below sixteen-thousand pounds (lb.) How to Register Bring the following documents to your Local Treasurer’s Office: Statement…

Vehicle Registration

Bring the following documents to a local Treasurer’s office:

Statement of Fact (Form MV100)
Proof of Insurance – Statute 61-6-301
Title – If none, the replacement title application (Form MV7) must be used
Bill of Sale (Form MV-24)
Odometer Statement
Blank check for fees

Boat Registration


Gun Registration

Under Article 2 Section 12, there is no need for a new gun owner to register with the State.