South Carolina Bill of Sale Forms

The South Carolina bill of sale should be filled-in with the full details of the parties, buyer and seller, along with any information about the transaction including the item description and sales price. Once the bill of sale has been completed and signed the transaction is complete and both parties may keep a copy for their personal records.

The South Carolina boat bill of sale, also known as Form FM-015, is located on the 2nd page of the Watercraft/Outboard Motor Application to assist in the facilitation of a vessel. The buyer will need the form when registering at a Department of Natural Resources Location. How to Write The buyer and seller will need to input their personal information as well as the full details of the transaction. The highlighted fields (located on the 2nd page of Form FM-015) by…

The South Carolina DMV bill of sale, also known as Form 4031, is a form to be used in addition to the attached Notice of Vehicle Sold (Form 416) to properly transfer the ownership of a motor vehicle. The parties should wait to complete and sign the vehicle bill of sale until the day of trading the automobile for the monetary funds (cash or check). Odometer Disclosure Statement – Per federal law, if the vehicle is under ten (10) years…

The South Carolina firearm bill of sale is all that is needed in order to legally transfer any type of gun from one party to another. There are no State laws (Statute 23-31) that restrict any resident from possessing and owning a gun. After the transaction is complete and the bill of sale is authorized the gun is considered legally conveyed.

Vehicle Registration Forms – Bring the following forms to a DMV Location.

Fillable DMV Bill of Sale (Form 4031) – Attached Notice of Vehicle Sold (Form 416) – Must be completed by the Seller according to Statute 56-3-1260
Application for Certificate of Title/Registration (Form 400)
Sales Tax – Must be paid through the new owner’s local county auditor
Proof of Auto Insurance
An Accepted Form of Identification
Blank Check for Registration and Title Fees
Fillable POA Odometer Disclosure Statement (Form 5047) – *If Applicable

All South Carolina DMV Forms

Boat Registration Forms – Bring to a Department of Natural Resources Location.

Fillable Boat Bill of Sale which includes the Vessel/Motor Application on the 1st page of the forms package that must also be filled-in.
Blank Check for Fees and the Casual Excise Tax
*If the boat is to be registered by another person than the owner the a href=”” target=”_blank”>Power of Attorney document must be filled-in.


According to State Gun Laws (Statute 31-23) any resident may purchase or sell a firearm without the requirement of registration or obtaining a license. After the firearm bill of sale is complete the transaction is finished.