Washington State Bill of Sale Forms

The Washington State bill of sale forms allow for the legal transfer of a vehicle, vessel, personal item, or firearm in the State. The new owner should obtain from the seller any type of Title Certificate or Mark and to have signed over to the buyer's name. Proper identification should be presented for ownership purposes.

The Washington firearm bill of sale is for any type of gun purchase made between a buyer and seller in the State. The seller has the option of notifying the State through the Transfer Form (TD-652-001). The buyer should take notice of any ownership certification(s) that may exist in addition to viewing a clear Serial Number (S/N). If a buyer wants to verify the ownership of a gun, they may through the Record Certification Request Form Laws – Chapter 9.41…

The Washington State personal property bill of sale is a general form used to document the sale of any type of item from a buyer and seller. The purchasing party should verify with any information they can to lookup the ownership of the item such as Serial Number, Product Code, or Receipt. How to Write The following should be entered to complete the document: Buyer’s Legal Name Seller’s Legal Name Purchase Price Item Description Signature of Both Parties

The Washington Department of Licensing Vehicle/Vessel bill of sale, known as Form TD-420-065, is required to be used to transfer title and ownership from one party to another. Upon the signature of the buyer and seller will the document become considered final. Notice of Sale Must be submitted within five (5) days from the Date of Sale: Vehicles – The seller will be required to submit the Vehicle Notice of Sale (Form TD-420-062) or File Online. Vessels – Submit the Vessel…

Vehicle Registration

An applicant will need to bring the following documents to a Vehicle License Office or Quick Title Office.

  • Vehicle Bill of Sale (Form TD-420-065)
  • Vehicle Certificate of Ownership (Form TD-420-001)
  • Blank Check for Fees
  • Title from previous owner. If no title is available, the Affidavit of Loss (Form TD-420-040)
  • *Power of Attorney (Form 420-05) – To be used when another person is used to handle the sale of the vehicle.
  • *Certificate of Fact (Form TD-420-043) – If Applicable
  • *Emissions Testing (See Location Finder) – For all applicants located in the following counties:
    • Clark County
    • King County
    • Pierce County
    • Snohomish County
    • Spokane County

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Vessel Registration

To be returned to a Vessel Licensing Office.

  • Vessel Bill of Sale (Form TD-420-065)
  • Title Application (Form TD-420-289)
  • Title from previous owner. If no title is available, the Affidavit of Loss (Form TD-420-040)

After obtaining the decals from the Vessel Licensing Office it is required to apply them to the boat immediately (See Instructions).