Wisconsin DMV (Vehicle) Bill of Sale

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The Wisconsin DMV bill of sale, also known as Form MV2928, document is to be used for the purchase and sale of a motor vehicle location within the State. The form must be used, after the sale, by the new owner in order to register with the Department of Motor Vehicles (Find Location).


Vehicle Registration Forms

  • Vehicle Bill of Sale (Form MV2928) – The required Odometer Disclosure Statement is attached for all vehicles under ten (10) years of age.
  • Title and License Plate Application (Form MV1)
  • Blank Check for Fees , Local Sales Tax (if applicable), and Wheel Tax (if applicable) – To be made payable to the “Registration Fee Trust”
  • Proof of Identification – See Acceptable Formats
  • *Power of Attorney – *If the owner of the vehicle decides to have another person be fully responsible for selling and granting title.

How to Write

The highlighted fields can be completed with the following information:

  • Vehicle:
    • Year
    • Make
    • Model
    • Body Type
    • Vehicle Identification Number (VIN)
  • Sale Date
  • Purchase Price
  • Vehicle Delivery Date – Recommended to be the same day
  • Buyer and Seller Information
  • Signature by Each Party