Georgia Bill of Sale Forms

The Georgia bill of sale forms, also referred to as a purchase and sale, is a legal document used to transfer ownership of an asset such as a motor vehicle (MVD), boat, firearm, or personal property. The buyer and seller, unless a power of attorney (Form T-8) is authorized, must be present at the time of bill of sale authorization. For items being bought or sold that are an excessive amount of money, a notary should be present to further identify the parties.

The Georgia boat bill of sale is between an owner and a willing purchaser seeking to make a trade in return for monetary funds. It is recommended to record the sale with this form and the new owner will need it when registering the vessel. Law – Statute 52-7-5 All sellers are required to notify the Georgia Department of Natural Resources within fifteen (15) days through one of the following venues; Email: Fax: 1(301) 687-8615 Mail: Georgia Department of Natural Resources P.O. Box 934943…

The Georgia firearm bill of sale form is for private gun owners seeking to sell or trade with another individual. The details of the transaction, much like a receipt, must be documented for tax and financial recording. According to Statute 16-11-131, a buyer cannot be a person convicted of a felony or a first offender probationer. How to Write Download the form and complete either in PDF Format or by hand after printing. The following information will be needed by the Parties’ Date…

Otherwise known as the Georgia motor vehicle bill of sale, allows a vehicle that will be registered in the State of Georgia to transfer ownership from one party to another. The buyer and seller should verify their identities and the new owner should check the vehicle identification number (VIN) and registration to ensure it is registered appropriately. All transfers of possession and any funds shall be complete on the day of the sale unless otherwise noted in the bill of…

The Georgia personal property bill of sale, as stated in Statute 44-5-31, allows individuals to exchange assets in return for trade (usually cash or check). It is recommended to have both buyer and seller details along with the information about the transaction entered into the bill of sale. How to Write The following fields need to be completed in order to have a valid bill of sale: County of Sale Seller’s Name Purchase Price Buyer’s Name Description of Personal Property (if…

Registration Forms

Vehicle Inspection Certificate (Form T-22B) – Can be obtained from visiting an emission station in the applicant’s county.
Driver’s License or Other Identification
Bill of Sale
Insurance Card
Proof of Residency – This can be done by bringing in a utility or cell phone bill as well as any type of lease agreement stating a residence
Proof of Ownership – Title signed to the new owner is sufficient
Title/Tag Application (Form MV-1)
*If Purchased From a Car Dealer – Extend Initial Registration Period (Form T-226)
Blank Check for Fee(s) – See Calculator

Boat/Vessel Registration

All Registrations can be Completed Online. All boats must register except sailboats under 12 feet.