Cat Bill of Sale | Kitten

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The bill of sale for a cat is for an individual or breeder in order to make a receipt for a purchase. The form is typically not signed until the day of possession of the cat along with the monetary funds or check used as payment.

How to Write

The document should have the following information detailed about the parties and the transaction. Fill-in the highlighted fields:

  • Description of Cat/Kitten
    • Breed
    • Color
    • Sex
    • Date of Birth
    • Date of Sale
    • Purchase Amount ($)
  • The Parties’
    • Full Legal Names
    • Addresses
    • Phone
    • E-Mail
  • Terms of Contract
  • Method of Payment
  • Health Guarantee
  • Spay/Neuter Agreement
  • Purchaser’s Veterinary Information
  • Breed Considerations
  • Breach of Contract
  • Acknowledgment of Acceptance of Contract