Hawaii Bill of Sale Forms

The Hawaii bill of sale forms create a document that allows the transfer, from one person or entity to another, of an asset which is typically a motor vehicle, boat, or firearm. Under State Law (Statute 5-11-8), it is required that for every transfer of ownership with a bill of sale form that the signatures be notarized. This can be completed by visiting a branch bank in the area where you live with all parties present.

Either party may choose to have someone else handle the transaction to their benefit with the Hawaii power of attorney forms. For Buyers | For Sellers

The bicycle bill of sale is designated for non or light motorized use of a bike or moped. The moped must be registered with the County the owner is located. Within ten (10) days the seller must submit the Notice of Transfer and send to the following address: DMVLP P.O. BOX 30350 HONOLULU, HAWAII 96820-0350 Registration Hawaii County Honolulu County Kalawao County – No registration or insurance required Kauai County Maui County How to Write The following fields must be completed…

The Hawaii boat and trailer bill of sale form allows for the sale of a vessel between an owner and a purchaser. The full transaction should take place on the date of the sale including all transfers of possession of the boat or trailer and the cash or check used for payment. All details, if any, designated after the bill of sale date must be stated in the form. Register a Boat at your local county DOBOR facility Register a Trailer…

The Hawaii DMV bill of sale form, also known as Form CS-L(MVR)40, is a legal document that states the transaction of a vehicle in exchange for US Dollars. All information must be entered including the odometer information (for vehicles under 10 years) and the buyer and seller details. The seller is required within ten (10) days to notify their county of the transaction through the Notice of Sale on the top of their Title or with the Notice of Sale…

The firearm bill of sale lets a person who owns a gun to sell it to someone else in trade for cash or check. Hawaii has strict laws (Statute 134-2) when a firearm is transferred to another individual and it must be registered with the county the individual resides. The seller must notify their local police station by submitting the Firearm Notice of Transfer within forty-eight (48) hours. Registration All individuals registering a gun in the State of Hawaii must be…

The seller of the vehicle must notify their county within ten (10) days of the sale. This can be found at the top of the Certificate of Title, or if it is not there by filing the notice of transfer form. If the vehicle is owned by a business, the Letter of Authorization must be submitted.

Register a Vehicle by County

Hawaii County
Honolulu County
Kalawao County – No registration or insurance required
Kauai County
Maui County

Register a Boat or Trailer

Bring identification and any boat or trailer documentation such as the bill of sale, title, and any other documents needed. The Boat registration form may only be filled-in at a local DOBOR Facility.