Kansas DMV (Vehicle) Bill of Sale | TR-12

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Issued by the Division of Motor Vehicles (DMV), the bill of sale form (Affidavit to a Fact/Bill of Sale TR-12) recognizes the transfer of a motor vehicle between one (1) party to another. The entire details of the purchase and sale should be documented and do not make any outside verbal agreements.

  • At the Seller’s decision, they may give notice to the DMV by filling-in the Notification of Sale (Form TR-216) and sending to the following address along with the $10 fee:

Kansas Department of Revenue Division of Vehicles 915 SW Harrison Topeka, Kansas 66626-0001 

Vehicle Registration Forms

How to Write

The DMV bill of sale form (TR12) also contains a second (2nd) page known as the Affidavit to a Fact which asks the new owner how they obtained the vehicle.

Fill-in the by entering the following information:

  • Buyer and Seller’s Information
    • Full Name
    • Address
    • City
    • State
    • Zip
  • Vehicle Information
    • Year
    • Make
    • VIN #
  • Purchase Information
    • Price
    • Date of Sale
  • Signature Area
  • Optional – Antique Vehicle Transfer Area

Affidavit to a Fact

The affidavit must state the type of transfer:

  • Gift Certification
  • One and the Same Person
  • Disclaiming Vehicle Ownership
  • Title or MSO Assignment
  • Vehicle Non-Use
  • Relatives of a Member of the Military
  • Antique Model Year License Plate