North Carolina Bill of Sale Forms

The North Carolina bill of sale documents confirm a transfer through a written contract of a vehicle, vessel, or firearm. The parties should identify themselves on the form followed by showing one another their identification on the date of sale. After the bill of sale is signed and completed and signed, the exchange becomes legally binding and both items are required to be traded on the date of the agreement. The buyer, in the cases of vehicles and boats, will need the bill of sale for registration.

The North Carolina boat bill of sale is provided by the Wildlife Resource Commission to allow the transition of ownership from one person or entity to another. The completed and notarized form is to be kept for both parties personal record keeping but will be required for the buyer to register the vehicle. How to Register The applicant will need to take the following to the nearest County Service Agent: Vessel Bill of Sale – Fillable Adobe PDF (.pdf) | Microsoft…

The North Carolina Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) bill of sale form is a document used to write the details of a trade for a vehicle in return for monetary funds ($). The personal information including the names and addresses of each party should be represented in the form. State law requires that the purchase price be represented on the form. The buyer will need the form should be returned to the DMV Office in their area along with the…

The North Carolina firearm bill of sale allows for the sale of any type of gun so long as the purchaser has a license in possession that allows them to own a gun (long guns are exempt from this requirement). The buyer should always be advised to check the Serial Number (S/N) of the firearm to make sure it is visible and has not been tampered. State Gun Laws How to Register 2 Options Apply for the regular license by…

Vehicle Registration – Return the forms below to a Local DMV Office

Vehicle Bill of Sale – According to State Website the Purchase Price is required.
Title Application (Form MVR-1) – It is also required to have the title from the Seller and have them sign it over to the purchaser including notarization.
Damage Disclosure Statement (Form MVR-181)
Declaration of Eligible Risk (Form MVR-615)
Proof of Insurance (See Acceptable Documents)
*Odometer Disclosure Statement (Form MVR-180) – Mandated by federal law for every vehicle under 10 years of age and below 16,000 lb.
Inspection Certificate – Must be obtained by a Licensed Service Center
*Removal of Lien Application (Form MVR-8) – *Only if the vehicle has an outstanding lien

Boat Registration – Return the documents below to a County Wildlife Service Agent

Boat Bill of Sale – Fillable | Printable
Title – From previous owner signed over to the buyer.
Title and Registration Application (Form VL-1)

Firearm Registration

According to North Carolina Gun Laws the purchaser of a gun must first obtain a license by using the application and submitting to the Sheriff’s Office in the county the applicant resides. The applicant may also choose to apply for a concealed handgun can be used to purchase a gun as well by submitting the application (it is completed by county).