North Dakota Bill of Sale Forms

The North Dakota bill of sale forms are used for the sale and transfer of a vehicle, boat, farm animal, or firearm between a willing buyer and seller. The document should include the full details of the transaction including the parties' names, mailing address, purchase amount ($)/trade, and the signatures of buyer and seller (some of the forms only require the seller's signature). Upon signature the form becomes legally binding.

The North Dakota bill of sale for a vessel is to be used when transferring the ownership of a boat through a purchase and sale that usually involves monetary funds ($ US Dollars) or trade. The buyer and seller should first come to an agreement verbally over the price or exchange and then write it into an agreement following thereafter. After the bill of sale has been authorized, recommended to be in the presence of a notary public, the agreed…

The North Dakota gun bill of sale is for a buyer and seller to come to an agreement over the transfer of ownership in return for monetary payment. There are no restrictions on guns according to the State Constitution (Article 1 Section 1) that means once the bill of sale is completed and signed by all parties, the form is legally binding. It is recommended that the bill of sale be signed in the same date as the transfer of…

The North Dakota law enforcement impound bill of sale (Form SFN-2902) allows for a buyer to purchase a vehicle from a law enforcement agency that was impounded. The transaction must follow State Statute 39-26. How to Write Fill-in the following: Purchase Price Buyer’s Legal Information Vehicle Description Unit of Government Selling the Vehicle Odometer Disclosure Statement Damage Disclosure Statement Signature of Transferor

The livestock bill of sale form allows for an owner of farm animals in North Dakota to be able to sell them to a purchaser in exchange for trade or monetary funds. Laws – The transaction must follow State Statute 36-09-20 How to Write The one (1) page bill of sale is available to be filled-out either in PDF Format or after printing. Only the seller is required to authorize and is recommended to have at a witness. The following details…

The North Dakota standard motor vehicle bill of sale (Form SFN-2888) is used to create an agreement with another party on the buying and selling of any type of automobile to be registered in the State. The parties will need to fill-in the entire form including the seller signature which must be notarized in order to be processed. Damage Disclosure Statement (SFN-18609) – This form must be filled-in if the vehicle is less than nine (9) years of age. According to…

Vehicle Registration – Bring the forms below to a Motor Vehicle Site Location

Vehicle Bill of Sale – Standard Version (Form SFN-2888) | Law Enforcement Impound Bill of Sale (Form SFN 2902)
Vehicle Title and Registration Application (Form SFN-2872)
Damage/Salvage Disclosure Statement (Form SFN18609) – For all vehicles under nine (9) years of age
Title from previous owner signed over to the applicant
Proof of Insurance
Identification – Driver’s License or comparable government ID
Blank check for fees – See Calculator and Estimation
*Certificate of Vehicle Inspection (Form SFN-2486) – *if applicable
*Purchaser’s Certification and Application (Form SFN-2475) – *if applicable

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Boat Registration – A new owner may apply for a 10-day permit online or submit the Application for Registration and Title (Form SFN-6102) through the mail to the following address:

Boat Licensing
North Dakota Game and Fish Department
100 North Bismarck Expressway
Bismarck, ND 58501-5905

Firearm Registration

According to Article 1 Section 1, all residents have the right to bear arms without the requirement of a license or to register the gun with any governmental authority.