Nevada Bill of Sale Forms

The Nevada bill of sale forms are downloadable in fillable PDF format or may be printed and handwritten to facilitate a transaction between two (2) parties for a vehicle, vessel, firearm, or personal property. The parties should include both their information along with the item's description, including any serial number or equivalent, in the bill of sale. Once both parties have signed the document it becomes legally binding.

The Nevada boat bill of sale form is for documenting the details and the parties involved in a transaction involving a vessel. It may be any type of dinghy, motorboat, sailboat, or raft and the new owner must use the bill of sale when registering the watercraft with the Nevada Dept. of Wildlife. See Nevada Handbook on Boating Laws How to Write The information provided below should be used to fill-in the highlighted areas on the bill of sale: Date of…

The Nevada DMV bill of sale, or formally known as Form VP104, allows for the transfer of ownership for a motor vehicle that is located or will be registered in the State. The buyer and seller names and mailing addresses should be included as well as the vehicle information, such as the VIN, must be written in the form. The Seller has five (5) days to report the sale to the to DMV. Report Online Odometer Disclosure – Use if…

The Nevada firearm bill of sale is a legal document that states an agreement between two (2) parties in relation to a gun that has been purchased or sold. All residents of the state are allowed to possess a gun (See State Gun Laws) without the requirement of registration. Beginning in 2015, a resident of Clark county no longer has to register a firearm. How to Write Date of Sale Buyer’s and Seller’s Name and Mailing Address *Description of the…

The Nevada off highway vehicle bill of sale, or known as Form OHV006, is for vehicles as defined in NRS 490.082 between a buyer and a seller. The form is to be kept by both parties and the new owner will use the bill of sale if they ever should decide to Register in the State. How to Write The State Instructions may be found on the first (1st) page of the form, but it is imperative the following information is stated…

LawsNRS 482.426

Vehicle Registration

Bring the following documents to a NV DMV Office:

Vehicle Bill of Sale (Form VP-104)
Vehicle Registration Application (Form VP-222)
Odometer Disclosure – Federal Law, for all vehicles that are younger than 10 years and under 16,000 lb.
Title from Previous Owner – Should be signed over to the buyer for presenting at the DMV office. If no title was available at the time of purchase, the applicant will need to fill out the Duplicate Title Application (Form VP-012)
Vehicle Inspection Certificate (Form VP-15) – Find a Vehicle Inspections Center | Diesel Vehicles
Blank Check for Fees
*If the applicant chose to have the vehicle sold by another authorized person the power of attorney (Form  VP-136) must be presented.

*Seller Requirement – Seller of a vehicle must notify the State within five (5) days

Boat Registration – See Instructions and Sales Tax

Firearm Registration (See Laws NRS: 244.364) – The State does not require gun to be registered after purchase. In 2015 laws SB 175 and SB 240 were signed by the Governor that did not require guns to be registered in Clark county.