Oregon Manufactured Home Bill of Sale | 3925

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The fillable manufactured home bill of sale, also referred to as ‘Form 3925‘, is available to conduct a transfer of a mobile home in exchange for monetary funds ($). The buyer and seller will need to come to an agreement over the sales price and write it down on the form. On the date of sale the funds should be made available for transfer to the seller and the mobile home along with it’s Certificate of Title.

  • Within thirty (30) days the seller must submit the Notice of Manufactured Home (Form 2952).

How to Write

The form may be filled in on your computer in Adobe PDF or handwritten after printing the following details:

  • Home ID Number (if applicable)
  • DMV-X Plate Number
  • Serial Number, Vehicle Identification Number, etc.
  • Buyer’s Name(s) – Up to four (4)
  • Date of Purchase
  • Purchase Price
  • Printed Name of Seller
  • Date of Release (if applicable)
  • Signature of Seller
  • Printed Name of Seller
  • Date of Release
  • Signature of Seller