Oregon Bill of Sale Forms

The Oregon bill of sale forms allow for the documentation and transfer of a vehicle, boat, firearm, or any type of personal possession that may be bought or sold. After a verbal agreement has been struck between the parties, it is recommended to write the bill of sale entering the full details of the transaction onto the document. After review by both parties, the form should be signed and immediately after the item sold should change hands as well as payment. Once the item has been traded for the monetary funds and the bill of sale is complete and signed the transaction is final and both parties will be legally bound.

The Oregon boat bill of sale is available for print or fillable online to coordinate the purchase and sale of a vessel located within the State. The new owner must use the bill of sale in order to register at an Agent Location along with the Certificate of Title (Singed over from previous owner) and Registration Application (Form 250-R07). After the bill of sale has been signed by the seller(s) the form is considered legally binding. How to Write Enter the…

The Oregon DMV bill of sale, otherwise known as Form 501, is available to be downloaded in a fillable or printable version. The form is to be used to draft an agreement between a buyer and seller of a motor vehicle and after it has been signed by the seller and the monetary funds have been transferred the document becomes legally binding. Odometer Disclosure Statement – Must be completed according to federal law if any vehicle is traded that is…

The gun bill of sale is to be used by residents of Oregon which does not require purchasers to register the firearm. The buyer and seller may use the form to come to an agreement over the price of the gun, and after signature, the transaction becomes final and both parties should keep a copy of the bill of sale for their records. Gun Laws – Article 1, Section 27. – Right to bear arms; military subordinate to civil power.

The fillable manufactured home bill of sale, also referred to as ‘Form 3925‘, is available to conduct a transfer of a mobile home in exchange for monetary funds ($). The buyer and seller will need to come to an agreement over the sales price and write it down on the form. On the date of sale the funds should be made available for transfer to the seller and the mobile home along with it’s Certificate of Title. Within thirty (30)…

Vehicle Registration Forms – Bring to a DMV Office

Vehicle Bill of Sale (Form 501)Fillable Version | Printable Version
Notice of Transfer (Form 6890)- Must be filled-in and filed by the Seller within 10 days of the date of sale. It may also be filed online.
Title – The previous owner should sign over the title to the vehicle to the purchaser. If not, the new owner will be required to apply for duplicate title (Form 515)
Application for Title and Registration (Form 226) – Fillable Version
Odometer Disclosure Statement – Required for all vehicles under 10 years of age and below 16,000 pounds (lb.)
Vehicle Identification Number (Form 11) –
*Lien Release (Form 735-524) – *if applicable
*Power of Attorney (Form 500) – Fillable – To be completed when using another person to register or sell a vehicle.

Boat Registration Forms – See a Boat Registration Agent

Vessel Bill of Sale (Form 250-14) – Fillable
Certificate of Title – Signed from previous owner or else submit the Lost Boat Title Application (Fillable)
Application for Title and Registration (Form 250-R07)
Statement of Lien Satisfaction – if applicable

Firearm Registration

There is no requirement for a resident to obtain a license or register a gun that is purchased or sold in Oregon. Every resident has the right to bear arms according to Article 1, Section 26. Upon the signature of the buyer and seller, the sale and ownership of the firearm is complete.

Firearm Bill of Sale