Pennsylvania Bill of Sale Forms

The Pennsylvania bill of sale forms allow for the transfer of ownership of a vehicle, boat, firearm, or any type of personal property between a buyer and seller. The forms should have detailed the information about the owner, purchaser, and the item being sold such as a vehicle identification, hull identification, or serial number. At the time of the signing of the bill of sale, the form becomes legally binding and the item being sold along with the monetary funds should trade hands.

The Pennsylvania boat bill of sale is to be used by a buyer and a seller of a vessel in order to document the transfer of ownership and the purchaser may use  to register at a Fish and Boat Field Office or Authorized Agent. The bill of sale includes the Boat Title/Registration Application (Form REV-336) which must also be filled-in and signed by the seller. How to Fill-in The owner and the prospective buyer should enter the following information into…

The Pennsylvania firearm bill of sale can be used by any owner and buyer of a gun to be able to exchange ownership in return for monetary funds ($) or trade. Any resident, according to the State’s Constitution (Article 1, Section 21), is eligible to purchase and possess a firearm within the State. After the bill of sale is signed by both parties, the form becomes legally binding and enforceable. How to Write The bill of sale should be written…

The Pennsylvania motor vehicle bill of sale form is accepted at any Department of Motor Vehicles Location for use to be registered within the State. The main purpose of the document is to conduct the transfer of a vehicle from one (1) party to another legally by completing the bill of sale with the purchaser’s and seller’s information, purchase price, and by completing the attached Motor Vehicle Verification of Fair Market Value (Form MV-3) and Odometer Disclosure Statement. Check a…

The Pennsylvania personal property bill of sale form is designated for any item such as: an all-terrain vehicle (ATV), snowmobile, computer, equipment, or other to be purchased and sold between two (2) parties. The form is also known as a general bill of sale which means that the document may be used for just about anything that can be considered bought or sold. How to Write The form simply has to have the buyer’s and seller’s information along with the…

Vehicle Registration Documents – To be returned to a DMV Location.

Vehicle Bill of Sale
Attached – Vehicle Verification of Fair Market Value (Form MV-3)
Attached – Odometer Disclosure Statement – For use with any vehicle under 10 years of age and below 16,000 pounds (lb.). See Fact Sheet.
Vehicle Sales and Use Tax Return/Application for Registration (Form MV-4ST). See Instructions.
Application for Certificate of Title (Form MV-1) – See Instructions.
Proof of Insurance – See Acceptable Types
Blank Check – See Registration Fees. See Schedule (Form MV-70S)
*Request for Vehicle Information (Form DL-135) – *Optional
*Motor Home Certificate of Compliance (Form MV-2)

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Boat Registration Documents – To be submitted at a Regional Office or Authorized Agent

Boat Bill of Sale – Includes Boat Registration/Title Application (Form REV 336) that must be signed by the seller.

Firearm Registration Forms

According to Article 1, Section 21 a resident of Pennsylvania does not have to register or obtain a license to own a gun. After completing and signing the bill of sale the transfer is final.