Connecticut Bill of Sale Forms

The Connecticut bill of sale forms let a seller and a willing buyer to trade motor vehicles, motorized boats, motorcycles, mobile homes, firearms, or anything that can be purchased legally. When filling-in the form, the buyer and seller complete and sign together on the same time. All monies and assets to be transferred, unless a promissory note is signed, is to be completed on the date of sale.

All motor vehicles under ten (10) years old and sixteen thousand (16,000) pounds must attach the odometer disclosure form to the bill of sale.

The Connecticut DMV bill of sale, also referred to as the H-31, allows an individual or entity to sell a vehicle, vessel, All-Terrain Vehicle (ATV), snowmobile, or any type of motorized item that may be registered with the Department of Motor Vehicles. If the Seller elects to have another individual or entity sell the vehicle on their behalf, they must authorize the Special Power of Attorney Form Required Forms If it is a motor vehicle that is being transferred that…

The Connecticut bill of sale for firearms are restricted to only residents of the State. According to federal law, only a resident of the State may be able to purchase guns within a private sale unless the individual is a firearms dealer or a police officer. The buyer must possess an eligibility certificate (See Application) for pistols and revolver purchases. How to Complete the Sale of a Firearm Buyer and Seller must come to terms through a firearm bill of sale…

The following forms are required to be brought to the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) office in your area;

Acceptable Form of Identification
Connecticut Registration and Title Application
Connecticut Insurance ID Card
Federal Odometer Statement – Only if vehicle is under 10 years and sixteen thousand (16,000) pounds.
Manufacturer’s Certificate of Origin
Vehicle Bill of Sale (H-31)

Obtain a Previous or Lost Bill of Sale

In order to obtain a copy of a previous bill of sale document, the requesting party will need to complete the following;

Connecticut Title Request Form
Attach two (2) forms of identification. The allowable types are stated on the form.
Attach the twenty dollar ($20) fee made payable to the ‘Connecticut Department of Motor Vehicles’