Aircraft Bill of Sale

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The aircraft bill of sale is designated for the buying and selling of planes for private sellers. In order to facilitate the transaction, both parties should come to a verbal agreement for the terms of the sale. Once a deal has been reached the buyer and seller have the option of filling in one of the following forms:

How to Write (For FAA Aircraft Bill of Sale)

Use the information below to fill in the corresponding fields:

  • United States Registration Number
  • Aircraft Manufacturer & Model
  • Aircraft Serial Number
  • Date of Sale
  • Purchaser (Name and Address)
  • Name os Seller(s)
  • Signatures of all parties involved.

For registration purposes the form must be submitted along with the $10 fee made payable to the U.S Department of Transportation. Mail the form to:

FAA Aircraft Registration Branch, P.O. Box 25504, Oklahoma City, OK 73125-0504

How to Write (Private Sale Bill of Sale)

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