Maine Bill of Sale Forms

The Maine bill of sale forms are designated for a transfer of possession from one person or entity to another. The standard exchange for a vehicle, vessel, or firearm is typically cash, check, or trade. The form should be filled-in with the necessary details of the transaction, and once it is authorized, becomes a legal and binding contract.

This bill of sale allows a contract for an all-terrain vehicle (ATV), boat, or snowmobile to be purchased and sold between a buyer and seller. The form must be filled-in completely and it is recommended to obtain a copy of the other party’s identification and the new owner will need the bill of sale upon registration. Registration – Use Application ATV Boat/Vessel Snowmobile How to Write The parties should complete the bill of sale on the day monetary funds are transferred…

The Maine vehicle bill of sale is to be used for conducting a transaction and will be needed by the buyer when Registering their vehicle with their Local DMV office. The form should be filled-in by both parties. The vehicle, along with the monies associated with the transaction, should transfer possession on the date of sale. The new owner will need to pay the excise tax at their Local County Office before registering their vehicle with the Bureau of Motor…

The Maine gun bill of sale is between two (2) parties that agree to transfer a firearm in return for monetary funds. The payment is available to be made in cash, check, or credit card and is due on the date of sale unless otherwise written. Article 1, Section 16. Residents of Maine do not have to register their firearm with any government agency after purchase. Conceal and Carry – A resident must Apply through the State Police to be…

All vehicles will fall into the State of Maine’s excise tax which shall be paid upon registration. The tax must be paid at your local county office.

Motor Vehicle Registration Forms

Bring the forms and documents below to the Maine DMV location in your area.

Excise Tax Receipt – Including the white and yellow copy of the application
Authorized Bill of Sale
Odometer Disclosure Statement
Title – Signed over from the previous owner. If not title exists, the new owner must apply through this form (MVT-8)
Proof of Insurance
Blank Check for fees – They will include a registration fee, title fee ($33) and the sales tax of the vehicle at five and a half percent (5.5%)

Firearm Registration

According to Article 1 Section 16, every resident has the right to bear arms without having to register the gun.

Concealed Carry LawsApplication – Bill of Sale