New York Bill of Sale Forms

The New York bill of sale forms are used for the transfer of an automobile, boat, firearm, or personal property from a seller to a buyer in trade for monetary funds. It is advised that  both the parties involved enter their information in addition to the unit being sold. A serial number, vehicle identification number (for vehicles), or hull identification number (for vessels), should be included for ownership verification.

Once the form is signed by both parties the deal becomes final. The property and funds should be traded on the date of sale.

The New York boat bill of sale is a legal contract that transfers the ownership of a vessel from one individual/entity to another. Both parties should keep a copy for their records and the buyer will need an original for registering with the DMV. Boat Registration – Article 14 > Section 401 Boat/Title Application (Form MV-82B) Proof of Ownership Statement of Transaction (Form DTF-802) Blank Check for Fees How to Write The boat bill of sale should be written and read…

The New York DMV bill of sale is acceptable as a Proof of Ownership for a vehicle (including all-terrain vehicles (ATV) cars, trucks, and motorcycles), manufactured homes (mobile homes), trailers, and snowmobiles. The buyer and seller must fill-in the document and sign. Upon both parties’ signatures, the exchange becomes legally binding. Within thirty (30) days of the sale, the buyer and seller must fill-in and submit the Statement of Transaction (Form DTF802). This form will be used to pay the sales…

The firearm bill of sale for New York is for residents to transfer any type of gun from one person to another. The buyer should have a firearm license in their possession in order to complete the transfer and the new owner should ensure that the serial number on the gun is clearly visible. New York Gun Laws – 265.20 Register for License If the buyer does not have a license they may obtain one by submitting the following: NYC…

Vehicle Registration (Pursuant to Article 14 Section 401) – Bring the following to the Nearest DMV Office

Vehicle Bill of Sale – Includes Statement of Transaction (Form DTF-802) and the Odometer Disclosure Form (MV-103) for all vehicles under 10 years and below 16,000 lb.
Application for Registration and Title (Form MV-82) – Fill-in Online
Sales Tax (Form DTF-802) – Sales Tax Information
Title – Signed over from the previous owner or else the Certificate of Title Application Form MV-82TON)
Proof of Insurance – Use Form MV-821 for instructions. See Sample Card
Proper Identification – See Approved Types

Boat Registration

Application for Registration/Title (Form MV82B)
Blank Check for Fees

Firearm Registration

There is no registration required to purchase a gun in New York but every person that does act as a buyer must have a license. If the purchase does not have a license, they may apply through the following:

NYC Residents – Guide and Application
Outside NYC – Application (Form PPB-3) | Must be brought to a State Police Location