Wyoming Bill of Sale Forms

The Wyoming bill of sale forms are used to transfer ownership through a trade or exchange of monetary fund between buyer and seller. All vehicle related forms are filed with the Local County Court Clerk's Office of the applicant. Upon the authorization of the parties, by law (Title 32 > Chapter 2 > Section 104) must be in the witness of a notary public, the form is considered legal and enforceable.

The Carbon County bill of sale (includes Odometer Disclosure Statement) is required to be used as a receipt for any sale between two (2) parties within the State. The full details of the document should be filled-in as well as having the signatures be in the presence of a notary public. The bill of sale in addition to the registration forms should be presented to the County Clerk’s Office by the new owner for titling purposes. Vehicle Registration Documents Vehicle Bill…

The Natrona County Bill of Sale is to be used in addition to the Odometer Disclosure Statement, if the vehicle is nine (9) years of age or younger, to legally transfer the ownership of a vehicle from one party to another. All vehicle bill of sale documents are required to be signed in the presence of a notary public to be accepted by the County Clerk’s Office. The new owner will need to bring the bill of sale form in addition to…

The Teton County bill of sale form is designated for residents to transfer an automobile, motorcycle, mobile home, trailer, or any other type of vehicle via a private sale. The full details of the parties should be listed in addition to the sales price. In Teton County, for a bill of sale to be accepted it must be signed in the presence of a notary public. The parties must fill-in the attached Odometer Disclosure Statement if the vehicle is nine…

The Wyoming boat bill of sale is used to transfer the ownership of a vessel from one party to another. The document should be completed using the details of the parties including the purchase price and the boat information (Hull Identification Number/HIN). All boats are to be registered with the new owner’s County Clerk’s Office. In addition to the bill of sale, the Boat Registration Application must be used when applying for Title. If the boat was purchased out-of-state, the…

The Wyoming firearm bill of sale is not required by the State (See Article 1, Section 23) but may be used as a receipt for a purchase and sale between a buyer and seller of a gun. The new buyer should review the item and ensure the firearm has a clear and visible Serial Number (S/N). Upon the transfer of monetary funds for the gun the sale is complete and each party is advised to take an original copy for…

The Wyoming motor vehicle bill of sale document allows a transfer to occur from an owner of a vehicle to a qualified purchaser. The seller will be required to sign over the vehicle’s title and both parties will need to complete the attached Odometer Disclosure Statement to complete the document (According to Title 31). The buyer will need to bring the vehicle bill of sale to a County Court Clerk’s Office. All Wyoming Vehicle Bill of Sale Forms: Carbon County Convers County…

Vehicle Registration Forms

*Vehicle Bill of Sale – *Includes the Odometer Disclosure Statement
Vehicle’s Title – To be signed over from the previous owner. If no title exists then the Duplicate Application should be submitted.
Application for Title and Registration (MV-300A) – Otherwise known as the “VIN/HIN Inspection Form”.
Blank Check for Fees – See Calculator
Proof of Insurance
Proper Identification

Vehicle Bill of Sale Forms by County

Carbon County
Convers County
Laramie County
Natrona County
Sublette County
Sweetwater County
Teton County