Douglas County, Colorado Bill of Sale

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The Douglas County, Colorado bill of sale allows a person that owns a motor vehicle to legally transfer ownership to someone else in return for payment of US Dollars ($). The owner of the vehicle may choose to elect someone else to handle the transaction through the power of attorney form (DR 2175).

  • The bill of sale, along with any other required forms needed to register a vehicle, should be brought to the Douglas County DMV Office.

How to Fill-In

This is line by line explanation of the blanks in the PDF below;

  • Purchase Price
  • Buyer’s Name
  • Buyer’s Address
  • Vehicle Information including;
    • Year
    • Make
    • Body Style
    • Model
    • Vehicle Identification Number
  • Date Purchased
  • Time of Sale
  • Seller’s Printed Name
  • Seller’s Signature
  • Buyer’s Printed Name
  • Buyer’s Signature

According to Colorado law a new owner has sixty (60) days