Rhode Island Bill of Sale Forms

Rhode Island bill of sale forms are primarily used to transfer a motor vehicle between a seller and buyer in exchange for monetary funds. The form is more importantly to be kept by the new owner of the item purchased in order to show any third (3rd) party a receipt from the sale. After the form is authorized by all parties, it is legally binding and both buyer and seller will be bound to it's terms.

The Rhode Island boat bill of sale is required as documentation for a purchase and sale between two (2) parties of any type of vessel. The new owner will need the bill of sale in order to register and the document must be notarized. It is best to schedule the payment and the signing of the document on the same day. Boat Registration Forms View Boat Registration Requirements – Register Online *Boat Bill of Sale – *Must be Notarized Boat Registration…

The Rhode Island DMV bill of sale form may be used to transfer the ownership of a vehicle through a private sale from one party, the seller, to another, the purchaser. Both parties should present identification and sign the bill of sale on the date the parties will trade with one another. Upon the parties authorizing the document, it becomes legally binding and the sale is considered complete and final. The bill of sale is required for registration at a…

The Rhode Island firearm bill of sale allows an owner of any type of gun be able to sell it to a qualified purchaser who has obtained a ‘blue card’ from the Dept. of Environmental Management. A resident who does not have a card may apply for one by using the Application. After the bill of sale has been signed by both parties and the money along with the gun are exchanged, the transaction is complete. Rhode Island Gun Laws State Constitution…

Vehicle Registration Forms – To be returned to a DMV Office Location

Vehicle Bill of Sale
Odometer Disclosure Statement – For all vehicles under 10 years of age and below 16,000 pounds (lb.)
Application For Registration (Form TR-1)
Proof of Insurance
Title – If vehicle is 2001 or newer the seller must have signed the reverse side
VIN Check – Vehicle must visit a VIN Inspection Location
Blank Check for Fees
Fillable Sales Tax Form (Form T-334-2)

Boat Registration FormsView Boat Registration Requirements – Register a Boat Online

*Boat Bill of Sale – *Must be Notarized
Boat Registration Application
Outboard Motor Registration Application
Application for Certificate of Title
Manufacturer’s Statement of Origin
Blank Check for Fees

The Registration Certificate (See Sample) must remain on the vessel at all times. See the instructions on How to Display the Decals.

Firearm Registration – Article 1, Section 22 – Right to Bear Arms.

The purchaser of a firearm in Rhode Island must be permitted by the State (according to Statute 11-47-35). A resident may use the Application to be submitted to the Department of Environmental Management in order to obtain a ‘blue card’ for purchase.